What to Wear For Every Bike Riding Occasion

Bike riding near Williamsburg Bridge

I took my new bike out for the first time yesterday and rode it along the East River. My cousin Tai sent it to New York from California, and it came boxed in pieces—I seriously doubted whether I could put it together! It took a while, and I had issues connecting the front wheel, left pedal, and back fender (which broke!), but after trial and error and watching countless how-to-videos, it’s finally complete.

The process of building a bike was a little reminder that good things take time, patience, and attention to detail.

Being back in NYC hasn’t exactly been what I imagined it would be when I was on Long Island quarantining and dreaming of coming home. Truth is, the city isn’t quite the same. It’s much quieter around the streets, there are barely any events or previews, and you can’t see any smiles behind masks. The pandemic has changed my world but I won’t stop trying to think positively and look for those silver linings.

One of the instant wonders of bike riding is the feeling of being free—like you can go anywhere at any given moment. At least now, almost everything has opened back up. And going out means something else I love: getting dressed.

Scroll on to find the best cycling outfits for every bike riding occasion this fall. 

Out and About in the City

If you’re running errands or just going for a long ride around your favorite city, aim for something comfy. This outfit doesn’t stray too far off from what I’ve been wearing throughout the pandemic, and I’ll probably throw on more iterations of a cropped tee, leggings, and sneakers in the days to come. Be sure to slip on a pair of durable sneakers and bring a backpack to store a bike lock!

En Route to Outdoor Dining

Outdoor dining is huge in NYC right now since it’s one of the few things that are somewhat normal. Choosing an outfit depends on the restaurant, of course, but if you’re doing dinner at a casual restaurant in, say, West Village, something like this may work. We’re just a few days away from fall, which means the chillier weather is upon us. Go for a denim patchwork jacket and faux leather leggings for a fun take on the classics.

Countryside Getaway

When I think of the countryside, neutral-colored linens come to mind. But sticking to materials that aren’t prone to wrinkles is key when it comes to bike riding. Try a chunky sweater like this one from Victoria Beckham and utility pants from Nike (which come with cargo pockets) to strike a balance between fashion and function. 

A Visit to the Museum

Some museums in NYC like the Met and the Whitney have opened already while others are set to reopen soon. You can visit The Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) starting on September 17, and the Guggenheim on October 3 (check out this link for more museum updates). For an outfit that’s equal parts comfortable and classy, a printed blouse and dressy track pants will do the trick. Scroll through to find a leather fanny pack to go with the look!

What’s your go-to cycling outfit?


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